Tommy Fleming's woes

In the blogosphere we hear much talk of plagiarism and shady rehashing of articles, either by get-rich-quick blogs or 'respected' news media; but ripping off other people's work is nothing new.

Much as I am repulsed by the nasal warblings of one Mr Tommy Fleming, I can't help but take his side in the recent dispute with his label, Clann (pronounced CLOWN) Records.

Apparently, while Tommy was busy self-financing and releasing his latest album (A Life Like Mine), the jokers at his erstwhile label Clann decided to cobble together a load of old tripe he recorded ages ago and call it The Essential Collection. It included previously released live recordings and earlier sub-standard efforts.

Boasting thirty-five tracks, the Essential Collection promptly scuppered its competition, i.e. Tommy's own CD, and subsequently pissed off its purchasers no end–so much so that they are now returning the CDs to Tommy, looking for refunds.

Needless to say, the label vigorously defends its right to do whatever the hell it wants, while Tommy denies that he gave permission for any of the dodgy recordings to be reissued.

Well, so what? So Tommy Fleming makes a packet on both CDs.

Aha. The great twist is that they haven't paid him a cent in royalties, and it doesn't appear they're going to. Thus, it is with complete confidence that I can implore you, in good conscience and with Tommy Fleming's blessing, Do Not Buy This CD!