Darwin's Film Club: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It sounds like a pretty crap movie doesn't it. But then you hear that it's the new Indiana Jones film? Well, we're still a bit worried actually–that 4th Die Hard movie was enormously disappointing.

Strange we haven't seen Dr Jones since the 80's, it's hard to believe it's been almost 20 years since his last appearance (1989). But Harrison Ford, now 65(!), is still able to wear the hat quite convincingly. Have a look.

Then, in Raiders of the lost Ark (1981).

And now, on set (2007).

Also wearing well is Karen Allen from the original Raiders who is to reprise her role as feisty love interest Marion Ravenwood. I always wondered why they moved on to the irritating (and emasculating?) Kate Capshaw for Temple of Doom but then she married Spielberg and all became clear. (He should have stuck with Amy Irving, she had class! Oh, I'm such the celebrity bitch.)

In 1981.

In 2007. (Happy to be back, you think?)

It must be weird to wake up after 26 years (drifting down to Law and Order episodes) to find you're back on the one of biggest rollercoaster adventure movie franchises ever.

For the curious, I can suggest some interesting fan-sites like The Raider for general Jones info, and Indygear where every piece of clothing and prop from the series is analysed and catalogued to an incredibly intense anorak level. You can even buy a handmade copy of the grail diary of Henry Jones Sr.


Copy. (If you have $900 to spare…)

And of course there is the Official Site with tons of multimedia, marketing and stuff for sale–but where's the love? Right here, that's where. With too much time on your hands you can watch some dude doing impressions of characters from Raiders and acting all the parts.Now I'm off to Marrakesh.