Most Popular Posts of 2007

I like to thank all my regular visitors for checking in on the blog often enough to make it worthwhile. I'd love to see a few more reactions though; based on the numbers a huge number of you are remaining silent!

Many of you use the RSS feeds to find out about new submissions which is fine, but I often fill in past dates with new posts, so I'd encourage you to browse around a bit. I'm not really very topical so many of the pieces remain reasonably fresh.

Looking over the figures from last year, I found that these were the most popular articles on Natural Selections.

  1. Where Are They Now: Flight 77
  2. Twisted Mind Comes to Limerick, RANT
  3. The Lame McGyver Mystery
  4. No Police Brutality Here
  5. Fed up!
  6. Seas of Plastic Rapture
  7. Not Even in Jest

And these are some of my favourite posts from last year which have somehow fallen through the cracks (due to bad timing or maybe just lack of interest?).

  1. Let us call Truce to Terror
  2. Return of the Bearded One
  3. No, Johnny, You're-Not-A-Star
  4. Now, I've seen a lot of Bullcrap, but this?
  5. Big Article on AKA VTM
  6. It's Just a Triangle–or is it?
  7. Eat, Drink and be Merry. You know the rest

Although I don't believe in award shows, I'm humbly accepting nominations for Best Newcomer in the Irish Blog Awards–if only so I can send a Native American to reject it.