An insult for Catholics (not from me this time)

An insult for Catholics (not from me this time)

Jesus is my coach
Jesus is my coach
Is your God angered by baseball? Do you feel that the Supreme Being should immediately strike dead anyone caught enjoying themselves on the 10th of April? Should the entire world come to a halt to observe the paschal triduum?

It's a such simple thing people. Easter Sunday is simply the first Sunday following the first full moon on or after the Vernal equinox (according to the Gregorian calendar in the West, or the Julian in the East). Can't you get that one little thing straight?

The Detroit Tigers must have forgotten to carry the two when they calculated the date for their opener against the Texas Rangers today.

“It’s sort of an insult for Catholics,” said Michael Ochab, a 47-year-old Tigers fan. He said he’ll miss his first opener in 20 years this year to attend services at St. Florian Catholic Church in Hamtramck. “I’m still hoping the Tigers will change the time.”

There is some question as to whether parishioners are eager to watch ex-Rangers pitcher Galarraga (acquired last year) play his old team mates, and to see if the Tigers can capitalise on Benson's being rusty (it's his first game since 2006).

Or would they much rather attend the Mass of the pre-Sanctified followed by the Adoration of the Cross? A local cleric knows the answer.

The Rev. Ed Vilkauskas of downtown Detroit’s St. Mary’s Catholic Church said the game at nearby Comerica Park will keep people from services.

And there you have it. They can't compete with baseball. The church blames non-Catholics for having a fun time while they are supposed to be cooped up in a dusty chapel chanting "dicitur passio super nudum pulpitum" and "kissing the sacred wood." The whole convoluted ceremony is detailed in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

In conclusion, let me summarise my viewpoint:

  • Although the ancient traditional ritual of Easter may have its novel charm for adherents, it's really no day at the park
  • There are many people in this world who apparently are not Catholic
  • A lot of stuff happens on Good Friday, with or without you
  • Maybe the NBL should complain about Catholics holding Good Friday during a Major League opener–it makes about as much sense
  • If you're going to make up silly little rules for your club, don't expect non-members to take them seriously

On a similar point, when someone says 'Can't you do without the pub for just one day?' I answer, 'Yes, I've done without the pub many days this year already. But I get to choose which days. Not the frigging Synod of Whitby!'