Darwin entertains a lady caller

Darwin entertains a lady caller

Me, clowning around with Bock
Me, clowning around with Bock
Well, I've just had an interesting phone call from an American lady called Karen Evans from the N.C.S.D.

It sounded pretty much like a telemarketing call to me. Karen told me she wanted to conduct a brief telephone interview to 'confirm some of their research.'

She knew my name and home address and my website addresses. She also named some of the sites where I post comments and content. This was starting to sound a little creepy.

Karen went on to say that her organisation was 'involved in a program which was eliciting values from bloggers both at home and abroad' (I guess I'm abroad) and that they were 'following the fascinating trail of information breadcrumbs' across the internet. They were also interested in 'gauging international personal web reactions' to news reports.

At this point I asked her who was it she was working with again? It turns out N.C.S.D is not selling insurance or timeshares.

The National Cyber Security Division of Homeland Security at the Department of Justice.


I didn't give her any further answers, although at this point I had really only admitted to answering the phone. I requested that her queries be put in writing and that some official identification be provided.

This was quickly agreed and she finished politely by thanking me for my time.

And one more quick question. Just to save time on another call, could you tell me the name of a person who publishes under the pseudonym Bock the Robber?

'Why certainly,' I replied cheerfully, 'his name is Ulick McGee.'