Proposed salary for VHI Chief Executive

€650,000 is not exactly Mickey Mouse money. It's also nearly twice the recommendation for the head of a semi-state organisation. But that's what's on offer for the Johnny Jackass who takes on the job.

I was just listening to a recruitment specialist who claimed that an executive in a similar role in the private sector would be looking at €450,000 plus agreed bonuses when 'key performance indicators' were met.

Then I got to thinking. What is a bonus for? For you and me, it's an incentive to work harder, above our base level and put the time and effort in to evolve/create something special for the company.

But if I'm paying Johnny Jackass €650,000 of taxpayers money, I expect him to be operating at 100% efficiency anyway. I mean really busting his gut 24/7. That's more than enough to convince someone to stop making paper aeroplanes and clock-watching, and get the finger out.

Bonus? What is that about? Surely he's already doing his best for the company, making the best choices, putting the time in, watching the pennies, nose to grindstone.

I'll never understand the world of the high flying CEO who gets paid obscene amounts, makes a bollix of a company, gets a bonus anyway, gets ousted early and has his contract bought off for more obscene amounts plus a golden handshake.

I need a new job.