Woke up to find I'm not fully human!

Woke up to find I'm not fully human!

Me before I started trimming the horns
Me before I started trimming the horns
Well, it's official. I'm no longer part of the human race. So long folks, it's been swell.

But if I'm no longer human, what am I then? Just a monkey? Or maybe a cyborg?

If you're wondering how I got demoted from being 'fully human,' just ask Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Apostolic Administrator of the See of Westminster. He put me into this predicament.

Fresh from opposing adoption by gay couples while claiming that condoms cause an increase in AIDS cases, the bold Cardinal gave an interview to clarify some deprecating statements he had made about secularists.

The clarification in my view boils down to this exegesis. According to the Cardinal if

a person is atheist…there is something not totally human…if they leave out an aspect of what I believe…

So we must believe what he believes, or else change our species. Difficult choice there.

And the less said the better about the inelegant circular logic surrounding his notions of transcendence and God. It appears that searching for transcendence makes you human, but since he already knows that God is transcendence, a search that points anywhere else is sub-human. Q.E.D.

Hear him here:

And there you go.

I expect you to heed carefully the words of such an expert on human psychology as Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor. Sure wasn't it himself who knew better than all the doctors and therapists when they warned him that child-abuser Fr Michael Hill would re-offend.

The Cardinal is a forgiving soul and simply put Hill on 'administrative leave' thus allowing him another ten years or so of carefree pederasty before he was finally arrested and convicted.

To err is human I suppose. But then how would I know?