God in the Senate (or Screw You!)

I'm a great fan of David Norris's, and not simply because he's 'entertaining.' As long as I've been on the planet, he's been a tireless campaigner for social justice and human rights. And he does a great after dinner speech (I've heard a couple).

He is also a fierce debater and possesses a towering intellect and a biting wit.

Thus I wasn't surprised to hear that he was offended that the Seanad sittings always begin with a Christian prayer. Which I didn't know.

It’s a rigmarole, it means nothing, and we should be alert to the fact that there are atheists, agnostics, Jews and Muslims, and I just think it makes a mockery of the whole thing, to invoke Jesus Christ as the source of our doings here.
Irish Times

Hear hear.

However, I was stunned to hear that, as qualification, he mentioned that he 'goes to church every Sunday.'

How now, David? A man of your learning and insight? I could understand if he was merely comforted by the sense of community or in awe of the pagentry, but he insists that he is a 'practicing Christian.'

I seem to recall that those same 'Christians' have some minor problem with people being gay? Like, they're all going to Hell in a San Francisco cable car or something. I'd find that even more offensive.

Nonetheless, I applaud his stand on prayer during government business.

Labrás O'Muruchú() from the ever enlightened Fianna Fáil had this to say, in the timeless manner of someone who deliberately misses the point and then obfuscates with illogical and irrelevant nonsense:

I think it is far better that we say a prayer than to be cursing each other, anyway.

So in his view, those are the only two options? A Catholic prayer or we all tell each other to Fuck Off? Beautiful. And you elected him.


  1. Larry is still in the midst of that Comhltas mess where the Clontarf branch spent a decade raising funds for a new centre only to find themselves magically 'dissolved' and locked out when it was built. [back ↩]