Job opportunity for music lovers

You can earn some cash while making money for musicians at the same time. A new job opening from IMRO will see successful applicants going to gigs and copying setlists for money.

Irish cover bands are notoriously remiss in sending off their setlists to IMRO, so now music enthusiasts are instead being asked to step into the breech. You could do it too.

Here's how it works:

You attend any pub gig, write up the band's setlist, for which you will receive €45 each (up to 50 lists a year, that's €2,250).

The collected information will go towards royalty calculation for IMRO's songwriter membership.

I'd say local man Mick Hanly is due a few bob for Past the Point of Rescue; not much airplay these days, but a handy number in the pub band circuit.