Darwin's favourite Firefox extensions

Not that kind of extension

I often run into people who still use Internet Explorer. It's potentially a moment for evangelism of course, but sometimes it's hard to explain in simple English why they should be using Firefox (or basically anything else but IE).

FF is reaching up to a 45% market share in Finland and 20% in Europe overall, which is encouraging. I prefer to meet Firefox users because then I can get into my real sales pitch: add-ons.

While using the internet, every time I come across a stumbling block or obstacle, anything that detracts from my user experience, I say to myself There must be an extension for this!

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Adblock: joy of joys, the end of banners and flashing crap! Don't forget the Adblock Filterset.G Updater which adds all the wildcards you'll ever need.
  • All-in-One Sidebar: If you have a wide-screen monitor, this makes excellent use of your extra desktop real estate.
  • BBCode Xtra: Leave a lot of comments on blogs? Sick of typos and remembering obscure HTML code? This adds a fully-featured context menu to text boxes.
  • FAYT: The old find-as-you-type feature was discontinued in Firefox 2. This is even better. You'll also need Find Toolbar Tweaks.
  • Foxmarks: A bookmark synchroniser for people with two PCs, home/work. Enjoy the same links on multiple machines.
  • Grab and Drag: If you don't have a mouse wheel scroller, or if you use a track ball like me. (set the hotkey toggle to something you'll never press by accident!)
  • QuickZoom: I couldn't live without this little guy. Simply adds + and – buttons to the status bar for quick text re-sizing.
  • Restart: Installing all these add-ons should only take one click!
  • Secure Login: The simplest and best login organiser. Keeps track of eBay, PayPal, Blogger, Google etc., almost all login sites.
  • Split Browser: Turns Firefox tabs into frames. Watch a YouTube video while surfing multiple panels.
  • Stop-or-Reload: This should be standard. Logic dictates that, at any given time, you can only use the stop button OR the reload button on the toolbar.
  • Tab Mix Plus: If you love tab customisation way too much!
  • Wizz RSS: A nicely organised news reader. Can't fault this one.

That's only about half of my installed list, I'm embarrassed to admit. Other suggestions welcome.