Who's secretly editing your blog?

Sadly, a dramatic image like this is easily sourced nowadays

A story from yesterday's Seattle Post Intelligencer prompts me to round up a few stray items that have been rattling around in the Darwin To-Do box for a while.

Item One:

An innocent Seattle woman (rightly or wrongly) advises her possible drink-driver friend to wait for a lawyer before giving a breathalyser sample. The arresting officer on the scene doesn't take kindly to 'sidewalk attorneys' and whips the legs from under the woman, smashing her face into the pavement.

Beaulieu [the woman] suffered a complex fracture of her facial bone requiring extensive surgery, and could have been blinded in her right eye, medical records show.

All right, so aggressive Alpha-males don't like their authority questioned and they respond with violence. Big deal. However, as an officer of the peace, he should be in big trouble for physically assaulting a non-threatening member of the public.

What happens next? He received 'a supervisory intervention so the officer can obtain additional training on other control tactics.' In other words, a training session. And this for an officer with a history of use-of-force cases.

Moral: the police are always right. As one of the police department attorneys says, an 'officer is not permitted by law to lose the fight.' [read about it]

Item Two:

Of interest to bloggers is the case of a free speech advocate who mused aloud about gun control and bombs, giving a freely available recipe for a pressure-based explosive (safer than pyrotechnics).

His original post was mysteriously edited by someone with an IP address at the Dept. of Homeland Security. He then found himself in the hands of the F.B.I. for a quick (six-and-a-half hour) shakedown.

Echoing the warnings given on this blog recently, the blogger advises:

A word of caution: this shit is real. Do what you can to stay off of that list, man.

His last post on the matter confirms, quite reasonably, that his spirit of resistance has been successfully crushed, and there will be no further 'thoughtcrimes' from his quarter. [read about it]

Item Three:

A mother from the UK who fell ill on a shopping trip to New York had her two teenage daughters taken from her and placed in an orphanage. This traumatic and unnecessary experience frightened the life out of the two girls.

Because they were minors, the girls were not allowed to wait in the hospital, thus they were taken into care by Social Services.

Now the US Administration for Children and Families has informed her that she is 'under investigation' regarding the abandonment of her daughters.

It's the type of ridiculous bureaucratic iron-clad procedure which absolves everyone of culpability, since they were all 'just following orders' (sounds familiar).

This is the precise reason that terror threats are continually escalated to insane levels of precaution in a vicious cycle of fear and hype; it's all CYA (cover your ass). [read about it]