It's The Bizness

It's The Bizness

Well, I just have time for a quick mocha frappaccino...
Well, I just have time for a quick mocha frappaccino...
Recent call from some pub promotion/marketing/manager guy.

Phone: Bringgg!

Me:  Hello?

Guy: Hey, it's me [Guy] from [pub].

Me: Hi.

Guy: Listen, I have a band coming in the week your band is off.

Me: That's great.

Guy: They're coming up from Cork.

Me: Yes, well I'm sure we're all sick of local acts by now.

Guy: They need a PA system.

Me: I'll be using my one. I know a few guys who rent stuff like that.

Guy: Well, I thought you might know someone who had one.

Me: Sure, I've got about 200 band numbers in my phone, and they all have PA's. I suppose I could find out whether they're off that night, and are willing to rent…

Guy: I'd be looking for a favour on this one.


Guy: They'll need about 4 mics.

Me: So…I should call some of my business colleagues and ask them to deliver and set up a full PA rig with speakers around 9pm, then collect it around 1am, for a band they never heard of, in a bar they don't get gigs from–as a personal favour to me, for free, all because you booked (and are paying for) an out-of-town band that apparently comes without any amplification? Correct?

Guy: Yes.

Me: Yeah, I'll let you know how that goes…