Money stolen money from you!

If you've read the article where Mulley fact checks the Irish Examiner you'll be aware that (according to them) businesses are losing €700M a year of their employees' valuable time due to Facebook alone!

I decided to perform some similar research (that is to say, none at all) and come up with my own hypothetical figures. Here's my article.

Your staff are stealing from you

-by A. Moron-Mór

Employers would do well to keep an eye on their employees' eyelids. Yes, that's right, because according to research, during the time it takes to blink, the brain actually 'goes dark' and activity in the cortex and other areas is suppressed.

Since the average worker blinks about 15 times a minute, each blink lasting 150 milliseconds, that adds up to 18 minutes of brain inactivity in an eight-hour day, an astonishing 80 hours per year.

At the average industrial wage, these 'forty winks' are costing Irish businesses more than €1,200 a year per worker, or over €1 billion in total. Even the taoiseach himself could be billing the taxpayer an extra €12,400 in unearned income as he enjoys 'micro-naps' in the Dáil.

Next week: The Time-Between-Keystrokes Exposé