Strange (and disturbing) native customs

80's hair band Poison

How often it happens that we come across an isolated cultural phenomenon that has accelerated into the stratosphere of the absurd within a short period of time.For example, the freaks above were considered cool for fifteen minutes back in 1988. However, their rebellious, devil-may-care look, complete with shoulder-pads and lip gloss, didn't last more than 10 seconds tops.

Those were the old days, the pre-internet dark ages. Nowadays, trends and looks travel at the speed of light across the information superhighway [*vomits at cliché usage*].

Fashions today are less about fun, and more about casting a smirky, ironic glance towards any style previously considered uncool, no matter how ridiculous.

But how do we explain these baloobas?

New Jersey Douchebags

Apparently, the current method of gaining street cred in Sopranos territory is to dose yourself up with industrial Oompa Loompa and pucker like a presenting mandrill.What have we come to, I ask you.

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