Empty punchlines

For many years now the idea of a 'Silent Garfield' has intrigued the more thoughtful consumer of panel comics. Discussions and examples abound.

The main thrust is this: if you remove Garfield (and Odie's) speech bubbles, the strip becomes somehow surreal and existentialist; a sad eccentric (Jon) talking aloud to his pets.

In a cross-pollination of ideas, I tried a similar surgical excision on Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury, except in this case I removed the punchlines.

The modus operandus of Trudeau's strip is a genius combination of set-up and deadpan sarcastic delivery. But what if we remove the humour?

It becomes a series of educational vignettes espousing a relentlessly cynical world view.

What's my point? None really, just a thought experiment. What other cartoons would benefit from this type of redaction?



Here is some more news on Garfield Without Garfield. Irishman Dan Walsh is slowly letting the cat out of the bag, one panel at a time.