My Favourite Comment In A Religious Discussion

A few years back someone pointed me at a fairly long post called A Contemplation on Music by PreacherMike. It quotes a lengthy address by Karl Paulnack, director of the music division at Boston Conservatory to the incoming freshmen of 2004.

For musicians or lovers of music, it's a delightful and inspiring read–most especially for fellow atheists. Unfortunately, the godly-ones only see what they want to see, and got entirely the wrong end of the stick, as you can see in the twenty or so comments that follow the article.

I'm not much of a troll, but I do like to add my two cents to inane discussions of this sort, so I set out my stall in comment number twenty-one.

The flood of starry-eyed comments about 'manifestations of his divinely creative spirit' seemed to dry up immediately. Tumbleweeds drifted across the  screen for about a month.

The only comment which followed mine is hilarious and I think it buttons up the debate nicely. Read the whole thing here.