Master of your domains

I recently tried to convince Our Man Bock to find out if the domain '' was available, because I thought it would be cool. Naturally, he wasn't the slightest bit interested or amused.

But I did some checking and found out that the Cook Islands (who own the .ck top level domain) aren't selling since they only sell second-level names like,, and unbelievably

Even more incredible is that they won't allow any profanity based addresses, when they could be coining it with the xxx community.

On the other hand, I can recommend looking into an .ng domain. All you have to do is add a verb to make a super-cool address like,, (use your imagination).

I mention all this because Natural Selections will be moving to a new home soon, stay tuned for details.

Quick non sequitor: why do we say the nine syllable abbreviation 'www' when the phrase 'world wide web' is only three?