Latest news from the year 2000

I buy a lot of books. I can't really afford to lash out €23.99 on the latest, hyped-up (and possibly disappointing) hardback. So I really enjoy cruising the charity shops and finding bargains.

For example, I purchased a massive biography of Winston Churchill: €2.00; the complete Narnia Chronicles €2.50; Joe O'Connor's excellent Star of the Sea: €1.00; and all of these in MINT condition. Quite often, I'll pick up 3 for €4.50; you can't beat that.
By comparison, I just had a look in O'Mahony's (down town booksellers) bargain bin and found a book about the 'Coming Computer Crash in the Year 2000' priced at €5.00 (reduced from about €30.00, I think). I'd like to support local business, but meet me half way at least!

Hilariously, Amazon are still selling these books too. The one below is $17.00.


I hate to accuse anyone of being behind the times and out of touch, but I have to express my considered opinion that this is way overpriced, not to mention utterly unsaleable, discredited and useless (like homeopathy).

For bargain hunters and specialists, I can highly recommend the Abe books website. If you don't wish to wait around and simply hope to stumble across a particular book in the charities, you'll find it here at a reasonable sticker price. They have a better search facility than Amazon too.

If you'd rather help out the charities, try Better World Books, where your purchase helps to fund world literacy.