Description Of The Virgins In Paradise

Description Of The Virgins In Paradise

Have they at least been through the Pon-Farr??
Exactly what reward is lying in store for the late Mr Bin Laden? Perhaps you yourself have often wondered about those famous '72 virgins' waiting for the faithful Muslim in Paradise — the very reason the 9/11 bombers went so willingly about their monstrous task?

Wonder no more! Here are all the juicy details:

Question: How does one conduct relationships in Paradise — whether with the black-eyed virgins or with the Muslim women who entered Paradise?

Answer: Allah said that the black-eyed virgins are beautiful white young women with black pupils and very white retinas, whose skin is so delicate and bright that it causes confusion. Allah said that they are like hidden pearls. They have wide eyes and they have not been touched by man or jinn.

They are virgins who yearn for their husbands. They are all the same age, morally and physically beautiful. They are like precious gems and pearls in their splendour, their clarity, their purity and their whiteness. They are like hidden pearls — as pure as a pearl within a shell untouched by man. Each one of them is so beautiful that you can see the bone-marrow through the delicate flesh in their legs. Such brilliant beauty does not exist in this world. Where can you find such beauty?

Whereas the women of this world may suffer, for days and nights , from menstruation, from blood for 40 days after childbirth, from vaginal bleeding and from diseases — the women of Paradise are pure, unblemished, menstruation-free, free of faeces, urine, phlegm, children… Moreover, Allah cleaned them of all impure and foul things, both in appearance and character.

In character, they are not jealous, hateful, or angry. They are not greedy. They are restricted to tents, locked up for the husband. There is no such thing as going out. When he comes home — they are there. There is no such thing in Paradise as a man coming home and not finding his wife there. Allah described them as women who lower their gaze, and never look at anyone but their husband.

As for deriving pleasure — the man is given the strength of…100 men when it comes to eating, drinking, passion, and sex.

From an interview with Syrian-born Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid given on Al-Mald TV  in Saudi Arabia.

The discerning reader will no doubt gather that this discussion tells much less about the afterlife than it does about the suppressed sexual fantasies of middle-aged arab men and their petty irritations with (not to mention undisguised disgust for) mortal women.

Further comment seems superfluous, except to say that it's disappointing how much intellectual effort is expended, century after century, on perfecting the details of absurd religious fairy tales such as this.