Rummy gets asked a question

This video of Rumsfeld has been doing the rounds, but I thought I'd post a few comments about it. A lucky audience member gets about two minutes to ask a simple question of the then US Secretary of Defense. 'Why did you lie?' Rummy spins off into a parallel universe where no one was really sure of anything and, well, we all did the best we could. But look at Donald at 1 min 30 sec into the clip. His reaction when confronted with a direct quote is a joy to behold. It almost seems like no one has ever asked him a tough question before. You can hear from the crowd reactions that the room is stuffed with Republican die-hards and they hang on Rummy's every word, cheering and laughing on cue.

Interestingly, (1) the questioner is bustled off immediately after mentioning the incriminating quote, but Donald, graciously I'll admit, allows him to stay. (2) the moderator whisks the Secretary along to the next question when things start getting hairy (3) the follow-up questioner is an enormous kiss-ass who talks about Rummy's 'passion for life,' his 'positive outlook,' and stunningly, his 'ability to deal with situations like the one over there.' As if someone had thrown an egg at him or something, rather than what happened, i.e. someone beginning a genuine political debate about accountability. Wow, tough two minutes for Donald, and now back to our regular diet of sycophants.

It is a beautiful moment though, when he forcefully asserts 'I never said that' in response to a paraphrase. And then gets hit with a direct quote contradicting the assertion. Blam. Like a rabbit in the headlights, he is stunned and simply repeats 'my words, my words…' as he vainly tries find a way to backpedal or say 'It wasn't really me saying that' or 'You misunderstood me when I said "we know where they are," I just meant we wanted you to believe they were there…'