Kirk, Scotty, Spock, they're all here! But not for you.

Sigh. I went to the trouble of downloading all these recently, so I was annoyed when I heard CBS decided to release all the original Star Trek episodes on, so anyone can watch them for free (so they said).

But then at the site I couldn't get anything to play. They appear to be blocking non-US IP addresses. Damn you CBS!

This means you have to go to the trouble of setting up a proxy server for your browser. What're we in China now?!? (or Oklahoma?) There are some Firefox add-ons which do this, but results vary.

CBS have also released Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver and  the Twilight Zone to their U.S. visitors only. I'm sure there is some legal copyright red tape, but surely the site should mention this problem. Currently, you just click away at all the titles while a disembodied voice repeats 'this content is currently unavailable.'

By the way, the teaser for the new movie Star Trek XI is out too.

(Any chance of Bearcats! appearing? No didn't think so.)