Everything I Do, I Do It With Everything

Everything I Do, I Do It With Everything

I Read The News Today Oh Boy
Rather than publish the usual long list of "must-have essential" software, I thought I'd just focus on one piece at a time. Since Google recently announced they're wrapping up Google Desktop search, today is the turn of Everything.

It's an unfortunate product name of course, since searching the internet for "everything" doesn't really produce any meaningful results — utterly ironic, given that Everything is the finest desktop search agent you'll come across.

After installation, this little 300kB gem utilises very little resources and sits patiently in the system tray until needed — I've set a custom key to activate it (F9). When it springs into action, just start typing the name of the file you're looking for, and voila, with each additional keystroke the results drill down  in the fashion of Google Suggestions.

It is lightning fast. Searches using the Windows built in mechanism don't even come close to Everything. The secret is in the clever indexing which monitors changes to whichever volumes you've included in its database.

The interface is simple and DOS-like, which I really love — no bells and whistles such as skins, opacity, window animations, custom icons, sounds, or splash screens. And the options are staggering. For example you can:

  • Use complicated wildcard expressions, if you're into that kind of thing
  • Exclude certain volumes, folders, files, or wildcard filters from the search database
  • Export search results (file lists) as txt (try doing that in Windows!)
  • Set up a server where others can remotely search and transfer files via a custom ETP client (alternative to sharing a Dropbox folder?)
  • Unload the database when inactive (saving RAM)

I would also recommend setting it to startup on boot and hide results when the search box is empty.

I have installed this on every new Windows machine or O/S upgrade I've done for the last few years and I couldn't live without it now. In fact, I often use it to run programs directly since it's often handier and faster than the Start Menu.

Best of all, it's freeware! Let me know how you get on with Everything.