Forget Spinal Tap, this is the real thing


There are singers and there are singers.

Recently, for some odd reason, I've been listening again to some rock/metal tracks I hadn't thought about in years. Songs like 'Heaven and Hell' by Black Sabbath, 'Holy Diver' by Dio, and 'I Surrender' by Rainbow — with Joe Lynn Turner.

Then, as chance would have it, I got a gig playing in orchestra pit for a musical, and I was handed the full score of Jesus Christ Superstar along with a rehearsal CD. This is different to the original cast recording and it follows the new adapted manuscript for reduced orchestras quite closely.

They usually get a nameless studio band and some C-list West End singers to create a play-along version of the show that's never really meant to be heard in public. For example, the CD for last week's Back To The 80's musical was atrocious, with horns out of tune and incorrect rhythms, etc.

The JCS show, however, used the updated stage version and the performances are easily better than the original, not that I'm a great fan of the show anyway.
But I just wanted to credit the vocalist who played the lead, and offer you a couple of the outstanding notes that made me swerve my car when I heard them. Steve Balsamo.

Clip from Gethsemane [mp3; good stuff at 3m:00s],  clip from The Last Supper [mp3; great note from around 5m:30s].

Totally. Awesome. Dude.