Operation: 'An Ceartú' (The Correction) -- Seizing Control Of Parliament

Operation: 'An Ceartú' (The Correction) — Seizing Control Of Parliament

We've Done It Before
The bank bailouts have been called a 'financial coup d'etat'  by our premier economist David McWilliams.  Another €730M this month to bondholders who were non-guaranteed. That's far more than the cost of the long awaited national children's hospital (which it is now hoped will be financed by selling lottery tickets).

Does this government have their priorities right? Who should get our immediate attention: wealthy, fat German businessmen or our sick children? There's simply no contest, apparently.

Despite many protests (such as the town of Ballyhea showing up in Kildare Street) the systematic embezzlement of public funds continues unabated.

Protesting is dead. The reason for this, in my opinion, is the erosion since the 1960s of public spaces and the increasing insularity of our lives. This diminishment in our engagement with urban surroundings has accelerated alarmingly in the last 15 years. People no longer consider the outside world to be literally 'outside'. It's on television, on the internet, on or mobile phones — that's where we find information, where we relax, it's how we talk to people; it's where we live now. The streets are an anachronism — no-one cares if you occupy them.

Walking up and down Dame Street with a sign is worse than useless these days — the power elites merely laugh from their offices high above. This is why the Occupy movement, however laudable in spirit (let's not get into the confusion about their aims, we all know what they're saying) will eventually fail.

However, the Arab spring which pulled many Middle-Eastern countries along in its current was successful because it entailed physical insurrection. There were mobs, riots, and guns.

But is there any way we can enact meaningful change in this country without resorting to violence? Can we find a third way? I designed elements of this plan at the time of the original bank bailouts. I kept it a secret because part of me hoped that it might become a real operation. It might be time to release this into the wild — half-baked as it may be.

The summation of the timeline is this:

Blueprint for Peaceful Insurrection in Ireland

  • Prepare press statements and mobile internet communications
  • Organise a team of twenty non-violent paramilitaries to tour the Houses of the Oireachtas (disguised as a rugby team)
  • Cause a major distraction outside Leinster House (e.g. someone driving into the gates, releasing some flashbang grenades, etc.)
  • In the confusion, lock down the the Dáil chambers and release all politicians, staff, and civilians (no hostages!)
  • Announce clear goals to the media (the main ones being the reversal of bank bailouts, and linking TD salaries to the average industrial wage)
  • Invite all citizens to participate and show popular support by assembling outside the Dáil or going to to their nearest town hall (wearing green)
  • Provide text voting and online polls to demonstrate popular mandate
  • Demand the temporary constitutional handover of power
  • Enact the necessary emergency legislation to achieve goals
  • Return political power with a warning, and surrender

More detail :


The executive committee consists of the leaders of the three branches.

  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • Action


A. Develop detailed goals for the operation based on ethical reasoning, historical precedent, and national self-interest. These goals should be simple to understand, few in number, and must include:

  • Temporary handover of power to the group
  • Retraction of all promises regarding bailouts for financial institutions
  • TDs and senators salaries to be linked to average industrial wage (€36K in 2010)

B. Organise a complete strategy for communicating the goals and progress of the operation. This must include press releases, internet and social media outlets. It is essential that connection to these media must continue during the execution of the operation. The shape of this news story should come from within and the group should maintain the ability to quickly counter false claims or offer rebuttals.

  • Contacts for all major news organisations (domestic and international)
  • Website with description of goals
  • Secure online polls
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube feeds

C. Create a plan of action to take control of the symbolic centre of power in Ireland — the Dáil chamber. This will entail:

  • Reconnaissance of building
  • Reviewing security procedures around Kidare Street, Leinster House and within the chamber.
  • Seeking co-operation from inside agents (would be helpful to have support on the house floor)

D. Assemble a strike force of qualified, disciplined operators — preferably ex-military, security, etc. Non-violence is essential.

  • Run drills of all projected scenarios
  • Provide camouflage as tourist group in public gallery
  • Stock provisions such as abseiling ropes, laptops, phones
  • Second team to create massive multiple diversions

E. Communicate central message of the action, and make the corrections law.

  • Contact all media outlets
  • Allow public comment and interaction through social media
  • Encourage participation and shows of support
  • Establish mandate and legitimacy of action via modern plebiscite (i.e. through technology)
  • Change existing legislation and public policy to prevent bank bailouts (and retract past settlements)


Accept consequences.

  • Return power to existing administration (now called the 'caretaker' government)
  • Document all aspects of the operation
  • Surrender peacefully
  • Maintain solidarity of opinion afterwards
  • Be proud of your role in Irish history

So. Any volunteers…?