The Art of the Tag

The Art of the Tag

Unknown Artist

1 Untitled tag  [circa. 2012]

Materials: Aerosol acrylic paint on exterior surface, 3 3/4×3 1/4ins (9.7×7.7cm)
Provenance: uncertain patronage

"The artist here seeks to juxtapose the twin hazards of an extreme lack of creativity and a chilling dearth of imagination, by turns showing the viewer a dazzling combination of both. He bravely howls his inadequacy to the world by creating this vibrant, yet infantile and pedestrian daub of illegible letters signifying an absurd but ultimately unknowable pseudonym.

This work, undoubtedly the product of the artist’s lifelong impotence, confused sexuality, and painfully stunted intellect, remains a silent testament to his courage and tenacity in stubbornly retaining his ignorance and banality, despite 500 years of societal enlightenment and 200,000 years of human evolution."

(Following on from Bock)