Talking Trash About Limerick And Hollywood

Talking Trash About Limerick And Hollywood

Wheelie Bin Perfume

The system of regulation for household waste should be dumped.

Years ago, you could occasionally put a black rubbish bag by the kerb on a Wednesday evening. The slow-but-steady Corporation workers would duly arrive early the next morning to collect the bag and throw it into the back of their truck.

Then everything changed. The City would no longer collect refuse. Instead, you could rent a bin from a private company and have them collect your waste instead. But if all you had was one occasional bag, did you have to rent an expensive bin by the year?

Thankfully, no. You could buy an expensive prepaid bag from the waste collector's offices and leave that by the kerb instead. Fair enough, pay-as-you-go.

But then that changed. You needed to apply for a special permit to be allowed to purchase the prepaid bags. This meant a yearly trip to City Hall with documents and evidence of residence etc. (And I challenge you to find any method of doing this online, or even any mention of the permits on the City website). Then, you could purchase a bag from the waste collector's offices and leave it on the kerb.

This system has changed too. Now you need to buy a bin, get a special sticker for it, so you can get a permit to buy a bag, and then put the bag into it for collection. So now you also have to store a wheelie bin that might only be used once a month.

In their quest to eradicate illegal dumping, the City Council have only succeeded, year on year, in making legal dumping a more abstruse pursuit for the law-abiding citizen. Yet illegal dumping remains just as quick and easy as ever — and paradoxically, more tempting than ever. Where's the logic in that?

It reminds me of the current stance on movie downloads taken by the film industry in Hollywood. They make it harder and harder for honest people to get the product they want (delaying digital releases for months; leaving out special DVD content; adding up to fifteen unskippable minutes of advertising before a feature; refusing to release classic films), while downloading via torrent gets faster and simpler by the day.

No wonder people take the quick and easy option.