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  1. Thriftcriminal at ·

    I see what you are saying, but stating that we don't live in a perfect world sidles up alongside saying "sure this kind of thing can't be stopped" which some will then take and run with to the line of "Sure aren't the attackers really victims of society themselves?"

    Now I'm not saying that is where you are going, I don't think it is, but I'm in a particularly authoritarian mood this morning and I reckon the attackers need to be taken and put in a box that is too small to do anything other than stand, see no daylight, be fed meals at irregular intervals and subjected to white noise until they are really really really, really sorry.

    OK, I've been reading about the less savoury activities in the South American Cone and I am in a bad mood, but I still feel that way.

  2. Sharon at ·

    Hi Darwin

    I know you emphasised that rape crimes shouldn't be mitigated by hat the attacked person is wearing or how they have been behaving. And I agree that I would not choose to walk in a deserted area, but sometimes I have had to.

    I don't think that even if a person who is raped was drunk, dressed wrong, in the wrong part of town or whatever, that she (or he) deserves any part of the blame in a rape. It is always all the rapist's fault because it is always wrong to rape someone, no matter what they are wearing or have been drinking or whatever. The rapist forces sex on someone who is saying no. It's very easy to avoid becoming a rapist, just never have sex with someone who is saying they don't want it.

    I'm disgusted but not surprised at the findings of this survey.

  3. Bock the Robber at ·

    It's two separate discussions. Where a crime is committed, the perpetrator is always at fault, and the victim is sometimes unwise.

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