Allah gets his own reality show


Allah's name appears in a watermelon

In connection with the church's recent 'non-negotiable' demands regarding religious education (and yesterday's post regarding offending people), I thought you might like to see the infamous documentary from the Netherlands, Fitna [watch online] which was released on Thursday.

It's blatantly incendiary and represents a full-frontal attack on the Muslim religion. While I will apply the standard boilerplate disclaimer (the majority of muslims are good, peace-loving citizens), I have to agree totally with the theme of the film: radical Islam is a poisonous creed that seeks to conquer the world, by force if necessary.

On the other hand, I would equally like to see a film like this about the Catholic church. And the Mormons. And the Jews. And every other religion that claims to have divine knowledge about exactly how you should live your life, and how you will burn in Hell if you believe anything other than their own brand of random, contrived, and inconsistent dogma.

How do you actually know the Koran, or the Talmud, or the Bible is the Inerrant Word of God? Because some guy somewhere said so? Just ask yourself how likely it genuinely is; and be honest.

The answer is, er, not very likely really.

Having said that, you can believe what you want, however idiotic. You can even try to convince us to agree with your views, preferably by using reasoned argument and facts. (If you're peddling faith, fairy tales, fire and brimstone, save your breath to blow out the altar candles.)

But when we tell you that we're not buying what you're selling: just leave us alone! Move on to some other credulous sheep.

'Boo' to all types of religiosity. Don't let them have a free ride.

Network Solutions have today suspended the Fitna film's website, claiming that it may have breached NetSol's acceptable use policy. Thank goodness my provider Blacknight's is mostly about spam prevention!