Darwin's Damascene conversion


I know I've often given organised religion quite a hard time in these pages, but it's possible I may have to revise my stance.

After some time spent contemplating the Mysteries of the Eucharist, I sought further elucidation and began researching the internet. Somehow, my hand was guided by an unseen force towards a documentary called The Case for Christ's Resurrection [watch].

The program was created specifically for those few who somehow, unlike millions of Christians around the globe, do not automatically believe the inerrant word of God found in the Bible.

This convincingly scientific and historically accurate documentary is impossible to ignore. It raises some penetrating and fundamental questions:

  • Did christ really rise from the dead?
  • In the 21st century is startling new evidence of Christ's resurrection at our fingertips?
  • Did jesus leave behind physical proof of his resurrection that we can see with our own eyes today?
  • Is there more evidence for the resurrection of Christ available to us than ever before?
  • Are there sources beyond the religious texts that support the resurrection story?
  • Has evidence been uncovered that will refute once and for all the theory that Jesus' body was stolen from the tomb?
  • Does this evidence prove once and for all that Christ's resurrection is not just a matter of faith but of established fact?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. Amazingly, the case put forward by the documentary is unassailable and water-tight. There can be no doubting that science has finally caught up with religion, and is now providing the vital proof we so longed for.

With this proof, we no longer need to live in the Dark Ages of mere 'faith'; believing is no longer a 'choice' but the result of demonstrable fact.

I only wish the inescapable conclusions of these doctors, scientists, and researchers had been made public earlier, if only to avoid so much unnecessary argument.

In light of this spiritual re-awakening, I have applied to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

I'm sorry if this disappoints any of my regular readers.