You got 48 hours, McGonigle (i.e. plenty of time)


McGonigle: He's a policeman who solves crimes in his spare time

Mr Darwin purchased a new laptop from an eBay UK seller last week. I gathered from the listing that I could expect the item in a few days.

A week or so later, I began to wonder. Re-reading the text of the sale page, I discovered that

Orders are dispatched within 24-48 business hours from receipt of payment

Notice anything?

Is this a cunningly calculated typo? Surely they meant 24-48 hours, or 1-2 business days. 'Business hours'?!?! And who on Earth calculates 'business hours' in groups of 24?

That's up to six full business days. Which means eight normal days, or up to ELEVEN days during a four-day Bank Holiday weekend, such as we just enjoyed.

And that's just until they ship it. Factor in the vagaries of the postal system and I'll be lucky to get it before the June Bank Holiday.

I'm off to break some furniture.

Chief: You busted up that crack house pretty bad, McGonigle. Did you really have to break so much furniture?

McGonigle: You tell me, Chief. You had a pretty good view from behind your desk.

And whaddya know–McBain really exists too.()

Doctor Michael McBain: So… my brother, the police detective, wants his brother, the doctor, to perform an autopsy. An illegal autopsy. Off the record, with *no* permission at all, and, *and* against every possible legal and ethical rule in *both* our professions. This is it, huh? This is how it happens, right? This is how the McBain boys go right down the tube.
Detective John McBain: We could always enrol in that truck-driving school.


  1. I know McGonigle is actually spelled McGarnagle, but I'm using the commonly accepted spelling. [back ↩]