In your face, Fústar!

Nah, not really.

I'm just jealous because Fústar has cornered the market in ultra-crap toys. Let's consider this more of an homage.

A Redditor recently posted a picture of Ninja Turtle/Star Trek crossover toy. This package represents a jarring cultural hybrid that ultimately insults both sets of fans. (Obviously Donatello should have been Chief Engineer).


If you'd like to have a good laugh at the expense of the insane Turtle marketing machine, here's a video that pokes fun at such oddities as 'Baskeraffe' and the 'Pizza Launcher'.

Sadly, no mention of the numerous TMNT food tie-ins, such as the massively obscure, and patently revolting, 'Royal OOZE Gelatin Dessert.'


P.S. The whole 'in-your-face' thing comes from a lively exchange in the comments area of a post from last month. (In your face, March!)