The phone of choice for terrorists!


It's always cool to see your friends in a movie, but of course you're always secretly jealous at the same time. For example, in the scene above from Patriot Games, a schoolmate of mine was shot by Harrison Ford. Now that's quite an honour!

Just as exciting (but creating no jealousy) is the sight of your mobile phone on the big screen. In several scenes from the new film Vantage Point, we see the head terrorist making use of his ultra cool Sony Ericsson, one of which is to be found in my pocket right now. Ta-dah!


Aside from just walking around with it looking cool, we discover the phone can also make calls!


And when times get rough, you can always use it to remotely target a machine gun and assassinate the president (sorry to give away a minor plot point, but the movie is not really that great anyway).


Ladies and gentlemen, my phone! Thank you, thank you.

As I'm still figuring out how to perform that last function, Bush remains safe for now. Damn, shouldn't have said that. The Dept. of Homeland Security has no sense of irony or satire. I'm on the list now, agh!