Fact or fiction? Most offensive band ever


If you haven't heard of this band before, I invite you to learn a little of their history, and then judge whether they really exist.

In 1988, Boston vocalist and guitarist Seth Putnam, previously of Satan's Warriors and The Losers, set out to find the dumbest, most offensive band name, and form a group around it. The result was Anal Cunt.

Their avant-garde, anti-music style, known as 'grindcore', was perfect for tracks like Music Sucks, You Must Be Wicked Underground If You Own This, and Guess Which 10 Of These Are Actual Song Titles, all of which are from their second album, Everyone Should Be Killed (1994). Its fifty-eight tracks averaged about 50 seconds each.
This followed their debut Morbid Florist (1992). Around this time, Putnam was arrested for hitting a woman in the face with a microphone during an AC gig.

Controversy was never going to be far from Anal Cunt, it mattered little whether they were accused of racism, sexism (Women:Nature's Punching Bag), homophobia (The Internet Is Gay), anti-semitism (I Went Back In Time And Voted For Hitler).

Subsequent albums continued in a similar vein, with 40 More Reasons To Hate Us, I Like It When You Die, etc., and all followed the A.C. code, excepting one which was a Black Sabbath tribute.

If you wish to hear more of the Anal Cunt story, here's an interview.

And for the most offensive and disgusting on-stage act ever, we must defer to the peerless G.G. Allin.