We welcome careful deviants

Like my fellow blogster Bock The Robber, I don't usually trawl through the keywords that brought people to my humble abode and then comment on how randomly humorous they are.

But if you remember a recent post which mentioned some garish spam subject lines, then you'll be tickled to hear I'm getting quite a few hits thanks to the unique phrase "Brutale Videosexaction."

I became curious enough to do a search for it myself. Lo and behold, there are only TWO results–and my post is the top one! The other is a porno blog entitled 'Sexnachrichten'. This doesn't have and English equivalent (according to Babelfish or Google Translate) but with my rudimentary uneducated German I'm going to take a guess that 'sex'=sex, 'nach'=not, 'richt'=right. In other words: 'not right sex.' Hence that 'Brutale' aspect, I presume.

I wonder about the searchers themselves though. They must have received the same email as I did, but they considered its contents more alluring. Then they performed some cautious research to ensure that this 'videosexaction' was legit. 'Ah, finally,' they sighed,'a genuine wholesome video porn spam communique.'

Well, in case this is how YOU got here, I don't actually have any 'BVSA.' Unless you count my DVD of Titanic which contains possibly the most brutal love scenes I've ever witnessed. Roll on Titanic Two