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For all you audiophiles who are also astrology fans, tarot readers, and homeopathy practitioners:

Machina Dynamica's Tru-Tone Duplex Cover is a special audiophile-grade cover for all duplex wall outlets; they are intended to replace all types of duplex covers – steel, plastic, wood, etc. – in the listening room — including non-audio outlets and unused outlets.

Yes, that's right folks. It's a cover for your electrical plug sockets that improves the sound of your stereo! So do I buy just one?

One or two Tru-Tone Covers can make a significant improvement, however we suggest a baseline of 3-4 Duplex Covers in the room for best results. Tru-Tone Duplex Outlet Covers produce a remarkable degree of focus, detail and presence.

Gee. Focus, detail AND presence! (Max out your coat hangers!)

Like any sentient being would, I assumed that this was a parody–especially when I saw the Tru-Tone's $30 price tag. But, this is apparently a legitimate company, selling 'real' products (though, I suspect someone has a tongue in their cheek).

Are people who are taken in by this BS fair game? Should consumers have the right to believe that this company can magically improve their hi-fi over the phone?

In an unconnected story, here's what I found on the wall of my hotel room in La Paz, Bolivia.


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