O what totally untangled web he weaves

An oldie of Bush telling mighty whoppers. Don't you just love how he starts to smirk at the end of Kerry's question? And how he says the word 'exaggeration' as if explaining that Kerry is some kind of mental patient? Talk about charisma!

The full clip of Bush saying he couldn't care less about Osama.

In a related story: not content with merely labelling Democrats terrorist sympathisers, those shadowy neo-Cons, in a brilliant strategic move, have produced a terrorist video espousing Democratic values.

The brand new tape from Osama Bin Laden is yet another obvious fake (like so many other discredited tapes of the past). The ever vigilant Fox News notes the discrepancies yet still continues as if it were real.

But is Osama really all that concerned about greenhouse gasses? I don't know, but the sub-text here of course implies that all environmental do-gooders are now siding with the terrorists. The new clarion cry of the patriotic American citizen should be: 'Burn carbon for Freedom.'

Aw hell, if Fox News doesn't like his anti-war stance, they'll even accuse a Republican presidential candidate of 'taking his marching orders from al Qaeda'.