Is this just harmless or is it disturbing?

Am I just too sensitive? Probably, but read on anyway.

This afternoon, I played as part of a charity concert (on the back of a truck as usual) in Co Clare. There was a display by the air/sea rescue helicopter, and by U.N. veterans of the Lebanon. I found this cool 'pre-laptop' thing. No idea what it does.


Looks like the original SMS sender. You could even use your thumbs. Anyone who knows what it really is should post a comment.

The army guys were pretty casual. People were milling about eating crepes and watching EMTs resuscitate dummies. Suddenly, I came across a scene taken straight out of Blood Diamond. Sorry about the quality, the lens on my phone needs cleaning.


As you can see, some children are being taught how to hold rifles. How cute. Unfortunately, the guy training them was about sixteen and consequently forgot to teach them rule number one: Don't point it at anyone. Sometimes they acted like a haphazard firing squad, so every now and then I felt like ducking.

My cold-hearted colleagues were hoping that the 'instructor' would get shot in the face; the perfect YouTube moment.

But doesn't the whole picture seem somehow wrong? Kids playing in the backyard is one thing, but kids with an army (FCA?) coach and real artillery is pretty disturbing. Maybe it's because we've seen too much of this on our travels.



UPDATE: Ok, so no-one wants to identify the laptop thing. Here's another shot of the impromptu drill if you want to identify the weaponry.