Here's a Jesus who gets my vote


It's the all new Kick-ass Jesus (from Mattel, batteries sold separately) with his arch-enemy and super-villain Porky Satan.

This is a popular calendar from Nigeria extolling the virtues of J.C. as rightful king of the bare-knuckle fighting scene. I initially thought the referee was wearing some sort of arab headdress, but it's just a judicial wig.

As far as I can make out, the copy reads like this (from top left, across in rows, all sic.):

  • Our Lord Jesus Christ is ready to high jack Satan
  • Satan makes first attempt but Jesus cleverly dogged it
  • Satan bowed with his kneels to our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ has beaten satan to self unconsious
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ high jacked Satan like empty vessel
  • Devil wanted to run away from the ring but drawed him back to smash him more
  • Jesus turned the devil upside down in order to destroy him
  • Pin-fall marks satan's defeat
  • Finally Jesus has been declared a winner

Phew! I'm glad things turned out so well. It was pretty close for a minute there.


UPDATE:  This Flickr set has all the detail we need!