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Gay video game

I am always fascinated, no usually so much by the stuff itself, by how other people find certain stuff fascinating. To some extent, blogs have opened up the private worlds of a million people, for anyone who cares to look.

So here's a guy who visits the Laney College flea market() in Oakland looking for a bargain. He ends up with a little piece of game console history.

OK, now I was getting a boner. Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park for Atari 2600. A game which was never finished, and never released. I searched the Web, and found this page. Which says, basically, that the only known copy of Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park for Atari 2600 is in the hands of Ed English, the guy who wrote it. Did Ed clean house and give the junk to random Mexican Flea Market people?

Ah, Coleco EPROMs! Even if you don't know what they are, the tide of this blogger's enthusiasm just rolls of the screen and brings you into the tiny, passionate world of VG nostalgia. Read his story.

EPROMs also show up in Ben Mezrich's book about cheating in Las Vegas, Bringing Down the House,(††)but I doubt we'll be seeing that level of detail in the movie–since they've replaced the two Asian guys with a white couple.

Which is what I wish they'd done with the guys in that picture on top. No offence.


  1. Most likely place to find stuff stolen out of your car last night [back ↩]
  2. †† Now Hollywood-ized as 21 because of the idiotic (perhaps even racist?) Steve Martin lame-fest of the same name. [back ↩]