Smoother than butter


Do you know what Smooth Jazz is? Last month, a guy on Metafilter posted his favourite tracks. This comment sums up my reaction:

I wasn't aware that this sort of music actually had an audience, or distinct bands, or a "scene"… but judging from the comments on Youtube fans are actively anticipating seeing these acts in concert. Huh.

I thought that it just sort of existed, drawn from some ancient library of stoned session musician jamming and licensed to customer service call centers and the sort of malls that have faux-marble accents.

Very brave of you to post this, netbros.

It's a highly instructive thread, with some fascinating insights, which I would urge all musicians, and people who are casually interested in jazz but puzzled by the distinction, to read. Here are examples; one of 'regular' modern jazz, and one of smooth Jazz. Can you tell the difference?