Beware the Fat Frogs

Beware the Fat Frogs

The dreaded alco-pop

Ever had your son taken from you because of allegations of child neglect? No? Well a chap called Christopher Ratté has. Maybe it was all the time he was spending as Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Michigan, you ask? Not quite.

Irish people have likely never heard of Mike's Hard Lemonade because (like Ratté) they don't watch American television stations. This error, for a time, cost him his son.

While at a baseball game he mistakenly purchased a bottle of Mike's (a bit like a Bacardi Breezer or Wicked) for his seven year old son who drank some of it, seemingly without much effect. When a security guard spotted this all Hell broke loose.

In a shocking story of state nannyism and over-reaction by authorities, Child Protection Services went into hyperdrive and actually took the child into foster care.

Read the full story here.

Personally, I think anyone could have made the same mistake. The concessions stand advertised its beverages like this:

Canned Beer 6.50
Mike's Lemonade 7.00
Mike's Cranberry 7.00
Peanuts 4.00

I know what you're thinking: $4.00 for peanuts! What are they made of, gasoline?!?