Reddit thanks Helen Thomas


One tough old broad

I get a little misty-eyed thinking about it. The very last real journalist in the U.S. got a well-deserved acknowledgement yesterday for asking some tough questions of White House press secretary Dana Perino, for whom I feel no sympathy–as she is quite happily sucking Satan's member.

Helen Thomas (87), veteran reporter of the White House Press Corps, recently tried to nail Perino on the torture/waterboarding issue–getting nothing but empty spin for her trouble, of course–but in recognition received a bunch of flowers from the internet.

I'm proud of my fellow Redditors, the antithesis of the mainstream media, for instantly coughing up the cash to make this one small (albeit impotent) gesture. It's not the first time either.

Here's the exchange. It finishes with Thomas' lone voice asking 'Where is everybody???'