Where are they now? Flight 77

I have a love-hate relationship with the phrase Conspiracy Theory. On the one hand, I relish unwrapping the fascinating webs of intrigue and deception that surround many great historical events. I love a good theory, one that wraps up loose ends and gives shape to seemingly random events.

I also hate the term Conspiracy Theory. It is often used pejoratively, sneeringly–and worst of all, smugly–always by people who have never researched the topic under discussion. The phrase has diluted the very word conspiracy. There was a time when this was a highly charged noun that rang with echoes of sedition, treason, and political machination. Now it's a joke, a sad sarcastic punchline: 'Yeah right, everything's a conspiracy. Yawn.'

A conspiracy is just an agreement by two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive act. So how common do you imagine that to be? Personally, I don't think we need a tribunal to tell us that there's quite a lot of it about, wouldn't you say?

Even if you are one of the uninformed masses, could I ask you to turn off the sneering smugness for a moment and imagine that you still have an open mind about (aghh!) September the 11th. There I said it! Now I'm a lunatic to you, but no no wait you promised to hear me out. Didn't you?

I'm not going to preach about the controlled demolition of the towers and WTC7, about the bizarre debris in Pennsylvania, about the NORAD stand-down, or any of that. I don't want to turn you off with a deluge of facts and figures. It's just a short story.

Flight 77

Flight 77


Many enlightened minds have deduced that the plane that hit the Pentagon wasn't a plane at all, but a missile or small drone. I'm not going into the whys and wherefores, just allow this concession for now. I've been convinced, and someday you might too. And if you accept this, you'll come around to my next question: what happened to the real Flight 77? That's what I began to wonder about mostly, after I had dismissed the official version (or 'theory' if you like).

At first, I imagined 77 being flown to an abandoned military installation and…then what? The passengers were just secretly shot? That seemed pretty cold even for the perpetrators of such an attack. So what would you do if you were planning this? You have a plane (or perhaps several, but I won't get into that) that has to disappear with some convincing passengers on board; what is the best use of resources?

Then it hit me. You use this opportunity to clear up loose ends–you fill the plane with people who need to disappear too. So I checked the passenger manifest for names. Who were the people on American Airlines Flight 77?

The Boeing 757-223 was carrying only 63 passengers out of a possible 234. Odd in itself. The Washington Post admits it was '…unusually light on passengers this day.' And no arabs on board either.

Playing Devil's advocate, I picked a name at random: Robert Ploger? Seems he was a senior software architect with an interest in remote control systems who worked in R&D at defense contractor Lockheed Martin (missiles, radar, satellites, fighter jets). He was the son of Major General Robert Ploger, commander of the U.S. Army Engineer Center and Fort Belvoir.

I went on to make an interesting discovery, fully one third of the passengers of Flight 77 were working in classified positions in the defense sector–Boeing, Raytheon, BAE, XonTech. Plus a former CIA agent and a naval electronics technician. It goes on. Even for Washington, this had to have been a remarkable flight. These are just the type of people we'd need to get rid of: people who's work connects them to military drone aeroplane technology. Were they killed or did they get new identities?

Is this proof of conspiracy? Of course not. But I just picked one person on one flight. What would it take to convince you that something is not right in all this? That perhaps two or more people indeed made an agreement to perform an illegal act? You owe it to yourself to look into this.

I'd like to hear your opinion, but please don't bother posting flip or dismissive off-topic comments like this guy got! (Unless they're funny of course.)