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You may remember I recently wrote about the man who was accused of racial harassment because he read a book about fighting the KKK. Well, he now gives us his perspective on the affair in an interview with the New York Post.

This issue involves the nanny state, thought-police, discrimination, and what I call 'pre-emptive inoffensiveness'–where every possible effort is made to remove references to any concepts with strong meaning.

This is also a race issue, but curiously enough, not in the usual sense. Keith John Sampson himself explains:

Let me be clear: I don't view this episode as a black-against-white or conservative-vs.-liberal issue. It's a basic civil-liberties issue.

Free speech means the right to be offended (just read some of Bock's stuff).

Just imagine if, while in the UK, you weren't allowed to read Tim Pat Coogan's excellent book on the IRA. Or, in Germany, Philip Roth's book The Plot Against America().

Having said that, if you really are looking for offence, you might enjoy this short video.


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