Civic duty or tattle-tale?

I reported someone for dangerous driving yesterday.

I was driving back to Limerick along the Dublin Road, somewhere between Birdhill and Finnegan's, when a car overtook me. Nothing special about that, except we were in a 50km/ph zone (and I was probably a little bit over) and he was doing 80km/ph. Still nothing unusual, I suppose.

But the silver BMW overtook me by crossing into the oncoming lane where there was a concrete median between us. Picture it: me, driving on the left; next, a strip of divider; then, him in the right lane with no way to cross back.

Now, I drive quite a bit for work, and I normally just give a cynical smirk and say 'typical' when this sort of thing happens, but I can confidently say that this is the first time in years that my jaw involuntarily dropped open in horror at the stupidity and recklessness of another driver's actions.

He continued with aggressive  overtaking all the way to Limerick. So I shopped him to the cops.

I called the 1850 traffic hotline and gave them all the details (including reg. number). They said they'd be in touch.

So, am I just another busybody, buying into the Orwellian state where citizens spy on each other, or am I just a concerned road user? I admit I was conflicted at the time, but I did it anyway, therefore, somewhere inside, I must think it's the right thing to do.