I can think of more accurate labels, but it's better than nothing


I favour the stark truth. Big bold letters!

Beware: Bogus Charlatans!

Warning: Lies and Manipulation!

They haven't gone that far yet. But thanks to the eventual enforcement of E.U. regulations, potential victims of fortune tellers in the U.K. will have to make do with the tame caveat: 'Not Experimentally Proven.' When will we follow suit?

The Spiritualist Workers’ Association attacked the changes, saying on its website: “We do not believe we are conducting a scientific experiment. To have to stand up and say so is a denial of our beliefs. It is also sending out a message that we do not believe what we are saying and doing.”

Lyn Guest de Swarte, a clairvoyant, said: “It’s like trying to regulate God.”

Why yes, that's exactly right. So, is it too much to hope that organised religions (equally useless at supernaturally controlling the universe) will be the next under the microscope of consumer protection?

Fingers crossed.