Your closet is full of valuable speaker wire


Er…no, Johnny, that won't work 

We spoke some time ago about the $100 cable and indeed the $7,800 cable, and how those meaningless made-up numbers did not equate to any discernible improvement in sound quality.

Now, final proof of the pudding has come to my attention–thank goodness for The Consumerist. Happily this result is in relation to those masters of mystery and intrigue Monster Cable, who have been scorched by the response to the unsuccessful harassment of Blue Jeans.

Consumer ire at Monster's strong-arm tactics has even taken the form of a Monster Greed website which chronicles the company's hilarious adventures, such as suing Monster Mini-Golf because someone might confuse them with a high-end audio cable manufacturing site.

The upshot is basically that audiophiles can't tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers, a fact that any sound engineer could have guessed at easily enough. Hype. Hype. Hype!