Traffic Watch update


If you remember, I made a report to the Gardai about (oh, I almost used the Garda-speak: 'in relation to'!) an unusual driving manoeuvre I witnessed recently. Despite some pessimism (Bah, humBock!), the police have been in touch and they're taking a statement–with a court date to follow in about two weeks.

Thus my little act of civic reportage has mutated from mere intellectual debate into a responsibility which requires my physical presence. I'm not happy, but I'll do it.

The last time I went to court, it was to give evidence against an unpleasant but inept mugger. I had booted him in the doors of Henry St Garda station, only to spend longer there than he did. They said he was 'known' and let him go, while I had to fill in forms and have an interview.

When the court date came up, I spent half a day in the Civic Centre before the judge said something unintelligible to the legal guys and they moved on to the next case. Maybe another date was set, maybe not–I certainly never heard anything about it.

So, I'm a little reluctant to bother with all this malarkey again. The only consolation is that traffic offences are dealt with more severely than muggings, I hear. The disadvantage of not being 'known'.