Don't blow it


Since we're all pretty much Fritzl-ed out, to the extent that his family are getting new identities, it's great that Natascha Kampusch has upped her media profile.

After eight-and-a-half years in captivity herself, she has taken to the public stage with great enthusiasm: taking part in a Big Brother Best Bits-style post-captivity interview; donating the proceeds to women in Africa; launching her own flashy website; and buying the House of Horror where she was held hostage.

With such a Britney-like penchant for publicity, she is taking the obvious next step: hosting a new talk show. Like cigar-holder Monica Lewinsky, O.J. house guest Kato Kaelin, and DSL provider Divine Brown, she has parleyed her accidental fame into an instantly lucrative global brand.

But be warned, Natascha, history suggests that yours will be a short-lived career. And if you're looking for answers and happiness, the world of corporate fluff television is not likely to provide it.