What's in YOUR trash?


Shadows of crap 

Reading an article about the legality of data-mining someone's trash, it occurred to me that an excellent method of corporate espionage would be to provide a bogus waste disposal company.

You quote rates slightly below the competition, and in between collection and dumping, your troupe of hired monkeys will sift through the detritus of banks/companies/legal offices. Then you can act on your findings.

Potential profits will accrue from:

  • blackmailing law-breakers, liars and adulterers
  • placing prescient put options on stocks and shares
  • selling juicy stories to the gutterpress
  • making jewellery and nick-nacks from junk
  • auctioning weird stuff to perverts

All we need is a truck and some overalls. And a sense of adventure. Yay!

Or wait, maybe I'll start an ice-cream business…?